Cake of the Month: Ladybird Cake by Michele Peters (March 2012)

May 6, 2012

Just in time for spring (and hopefully some sunshine soon), here is the Cake of the Month for March 2012: a bright red Ladybird Cake by Michele Peters. The cake was made for 4-year-old Cerys — and from all we heard, she had a great birthday. If you’re interested in the story behind this cake, please hear from Michele below.

Ladybird Cake by Michele Peters

Ladybird Cake by Michele Peters

Q: Well done, Michele. That ladybird looks so sweet, it almost seems too precious to be eaten.

No cake is too precious to be eaten, it’s fun to make another one.

Q: How did you come up with the theme — was this your own idea?

I have sometimes made mini ladybirds to decorate cakes and cupcakes. When I knew I was going to bake for a little girl, I had this idea of making a full size ladybird cake. The Dad was thrilled with my suggestion and the little girl loved the cake when we delivered it. Funnily enough, the girl was wearing a red dress with black dots. Since I made the cake, another parent (who was at the birthday party) has called Free Cakes for Kids to request a ladybird cake. That was very flattering, although we can unfortunately not promise specific cake designs as they depend on the baker.

Q: How or where do you hand over your cakes?

It depends. As I don’t have a car, I used to ask parents to pick it up at my house. But sometimes parents don’t have cars either and I ended up building and waterproofing boxes to take the cake on the bus. I have learnt though, lately, I ask Alban, who is a taxi driver and another Free Cakes for Kids volunteer, to drive me. Alban is always happy to help and I don’t need to worry about a cake getting soaked anymore. Alban has a huge umbrella.

Q: What kinds of cakes are actually most popular with kids in your experience?

I tend to offer a choice of a vanilla or chocolate sponge. They are equally as popular. The theme I most often get asked for is flowers for girls.

Q: Is there anything, any theme you could not bake?

Provided I have enough time, I am happy to give any theme a go. I work full-time, therefore if I make a cake during the week, I tend to go for something simpler. Weekend cakes are more elaborate. I would love to have a go at making a hedgehog. My grandmother used to bake those and it was the most wondeful thing for us grandchildren.

Q: How did you actually get into Free Cakes for Kids?

I saw a news report on Free Cakes for Kids by Sinead who is a journalist and another volunteer. I come from a baking family and immediately wanted to be involved. I contacted Henriette, the group organiser, the next day. Being able to use my skills to give children a special treat on their birthday is wonderful.

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Claire Everett February 27, 2013 at 12:58 pm

This was my little sister’s 4th Birthday cake! It is very nice to see that it won cake of the month!! I can tell you that it was just as nice to eat as it is to look at. The proof was in the pudding because there was none left by the end of the day!! Thank You!!


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