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Michele Peters, Volunteer CoordinatorInterested in joining the team? Just get in touch with our volunteer coordinator Michele Peters to find out what you can do.

Free Cakes Oxford is a community project and a large number of people work together to make cakes for children in our area. Most of our volunteers are bakers, but we also have volunteers who help to deliver cakes, volunteers who keep in touch with our partners and we even have a volunteer farmer who keeps our bakers well-supplied with eggs!

Would you like to join us? These are some of the ways in which you can be a part of Free Cakes for Kids Oxford:


Baking delicious cakes is at the heart of what we do. You don’t need to be an expert, all you need to be is passionate about making cakes and helping to make a child’s birthday really special.


If you don’t see yourself as a baker, you can still make an important contribution to a child’s birthday by helping to deliver cakes. Sometimes it is not easy for our bakers to deliver a cake and our delivery volunteers help to make sure that a child’s location is no barrier to them being able to have a cake on their birthday.

Supply ingredients

Our bakers are very generous with their time and their ingredients when making a cake. It really helps when they can access free supplies of ingredients. Do you have chickens that produce more eggs than you can eat? Can your flour mill spare a few bags of flour? Does your back garden contain an icing factory that is making more icing than you can use? (Come on, someone out there has got to have an icing factory!)

Talk, talk, talk

We value our relationship with our community partners and need volunteers who can meet with them regularly and help them to tell their members about Free Cakes for Kids.

Heidrun Jöken“I met Henriette, who set up Free Cakes for Kids, a few years ago when my daughter was still a baby and whilst she was looking for her first volunteers. Little did I know then how important a birthday cake is to many families and what a happy smile a birthday cake puts on a child’s face!

My daughter Hazel is now 3 and we have been visiting many play groups and Sure Start Children’s Centres where I have met many families who are struggling to get on with their day to day life and often have no room to consider baking or have the means to buy a cake themselves. Free Cakes for Kids is a local community project connecting with people, it is run solely by enthusiastic volunteers making a difference in their own community with their own ressources in a very simple and pragmatic way.

I really enjoy being part of this and spreading the word about us wherever I meet people that may connect us with our target families or who would like to set up a link with us.”

Heidrun Jöken, Volunteer at Free Cakes for Kids Oxford