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Quick facts

Free Cakes for Kids Oxford is a community service to families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child.

  • Founded in December 2008
  • Run entirely by volunteers from Oxford (no paid staff)
  • Currently 25 bakers
  • Running costs covered by donations and small grants
  • Constituted as a community group

For media inquiries and more information, please e-mail or call Sinead Carroll at 07857 439244.

Everybody likes children, cakes and charity. Not surprisingly, a number newspapers, radio stations, community magazines and websites have reported on our work. Having a birthday cake to share with friends and family does not only make you feel special, but also builds strong ties in and across communities.





FCFK Oxford in the MediaIf you would like to write about us and spread the word about Free Cakes for Kids in the UK, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Sinead Carroll
Tel. 07857 439244

For a list of groups in other communities, please have a look at the Free Cakes for Kids UK network. They have map of all the local groups across the country.