Request a cake

Do you find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for your child? Then you are in the right place — this is exactly what we are here for. The cakes are homemade by volunteers from Oxford and made with your child’s favourite theme. Some recent examples include Princess cakes, Batman cakes, rocket-shaped cakes or the ever popular football cakes.

This is what usually happens:

How to request a cake

Please do not hesitate to call us: 01865 242207. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it really free?

A: Yes, Free Cakes for Kids is there to support families in need, no matter whether you have very little or struggle with other problems. However, if you feel that you can make a contribution to the cost of the ingredients, you are of course welcome to make a small donation directly to the baker. Of course, a simple thank-you note or text is worth more than all money in the world. Feel free to tell the baker how the cake went down.

Q: My child has a Gluten allergy or other dietary requirement. Can I still call?

A: We will try to make a cake that your child can eat. Please let us know exactly what ingredients are OK. In the past, our bakers have made Gluten-free cakes, diabetic cakes or Halal cakes. However, we cannot guarantee that there is a baker with these special skills.

Q: Bummer! I forgot to call early and my child’s birthday is already in two days.

A: Please call us anyway. There is always a chance that we find a baker at short notice, but we cannot guarantee. We will try to do our best! :)

Q: I do not live in Oxford. What do I do?

A: We can only help you when you actually live in Oxford. However, there are many other groups around the country. Have a look at the Free Cakes for Kids UK Network website and contact your local group.