What we do

Free Cakes for Kids Oxford is all about doing good by baking cake. At the heart of our work are individual birthday cakes for families, who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child. In addition, we have started developing further programmes such as community baking sessions or charity and celebration cakes.

Birthday cakes for kids

What we care about

Safety: We work with food and children, so safety is an absolute priority. Everyone in our team knows our food safety policy, and we check carefully with every family about dietary requirements.

Confidentiality: Calling someone for help can be quite difficult. We make sure that any personal data only goes where it is really needed. Usually, this is the baker who gets in touch with the family.

Responsibility: We are all volunteers and share the burden (and joy!) of our work. We are not afraid to ask each other for help and do our best to help others in Oxford and the FCFK UK network.

Put simply, we match two parties: families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child and passionate bakers who enjoy making themed cakes in their private kitchens.The cakes are homemade by volunteers from all over Oxford and accommodate the child’s favourite theme or style. This may be a Princess or Bob-the-Builder cakes, but also rocket-shaped cakes or the ever-popular football cake.

Families can call themselves or are referred to us by one of our partnering organisations. These currently include Barton Community Centre, Citizens Advice Bureau Oxford, Community Emergency Foodbank, Dragon School Oxford, Leys Community Church, Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Association, Pegasus Primary School Oxford, the Young Carers Project and various Children’s Centres.

If you would like to request a cake, have a look a this more detailed information. If you would like to join us as a partner or volunteer you are of course very welcome, too.

Community baking

Community bakingWhile individual birthday cakes are what matters most to us, we recently started a related programme: the Community Baking sessions.

The idea is simple: about a dozen parents meet up in a community or school kitchen with some of our lovely volunteer bakers. After short introductions and a food safety briefing, we split up into smaller groups and start preparing some tasty treats, such as cookies and cupcakes. Together with our experienced volunteer bakers, participants prepare the dough, bake the cakes and decorate them as they like. About three hours and many more cups of tea later, we close the session with a group photo and everyone goes home – but not without a load of yummy cookies and cupcakes.

If you are interested in hosting a community baking session, please have a look at our leaflet.

Charity and celebration cakes

Occasionally, partner organisations ask us to support them with a special celebration cake. While we cannot always meet the demand, we try to help where we can. For special celebration cakes, we may ask for a small donation that will fund individual birthday cakes.

Here are a few recent examples (click on the photo):

Afghani Night Cake

for Asylum Welcome
baked by Penny Lun, Sian Marvelley and Henriette Lundgren
80 happy cake eaters

Baby Café Cake

for North Oxford Children’s Centre
baked by Steph Griggs-Trevarthen, Auriol Williams
60 happy cake eaters

Where is Wally? Cake

for Oxfordshire Community Foundation and Wally Cox
baked by Sinead Carroll
25 happy cake eaters

Flower Meadow Cake

for Slade & Headington Children’s Centre
baked by Michele Peters
70 happy cake eaters